Technology at Resolutions

Mediations are often tense, so ensuring they run smoothly is a priority. That’s why Resolutions has equipped all of its spaces with high performance technology, making it simple to communicate, share documents, and hold meetings with remote participants. Our on-site host is always available to ensure your connection process goes smoothly.


Mondopad Touchscreen system

The Urquhart room is equipped with an 84-inch Mondopad Touchscreen – a state of the art system able to do almost anything you can imagine. The Mondopad features a 4k, multitouch screen which is capable of video conferencing, and can be connected and controlled via your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Brainstorm ideas using the interactive whiteboard, and once you’re done, save and share with others, or erase and start again. View, annotate, and share documents using Microsoft Office, and easily share them securely through email, USB drives, or even Dropbox. Collaboration has never been easier, thanks to the Mondopad technology.


GoToMeeting and SmartTV

We know that in the era of technology, many meetings have remote participants. That’s why many of our meeting rooms comes equipped with a smartTV and supports GoToMeeting. GoToMeeting allows work to happen anytime, anywhere, by offering a videoconferencing system that allows you to share presentations and documents within an easy-to-use interface. Connect straight from the SmartTV, and you’ll be able to communicate and collaborate in seconds.


Polycom Soundstation 2

Each conference room is equipped with a Polycom SoundStation 2, state-of-the-art conference phone, making it simple for participants to join your meeting remotely. With 360-degree microphone coverage and Dynamic Noise Reduction, ensuring everyone can hear and be heard up to ten feet away, this phone ensures your conference calls are seamless.

State-of-the-art technology, coupled with high performance sound-proofing, all in a beautiful, serene environment: this is what makes Resolutions the preeminent meeting and mediation space. Ready to book? Contact our host today to learn more and plan your next meeting.