Resolutions Vancouver signs on as Platinum Sponsor for ADR BC


Resolutions Vancouver is excited to announce that we have signed on as a Platinum Sponsor for the 2018 ADR BC Symposium hosted by Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of British Columbia (ADR BC, previously BCAMI). An affiliate of the ADR Institute of Canada, ADR BC works to promote alternative dispute resolution as an alternative to litigation, as well as to provide information, resources, and training to a network of professionals. The symposium will run June 11th and 12th, 2018. Resolutions will also host upcoming lunch and learns, seminars, and training sessions for ADR BC. The first courses held by ADR BC in the Resolutions space will begin as early as November 2017.

As the cost of litigation continues to increase, both in time and monetary value, the pursuit of alternative dispute resolutions and the demand for space to host an ADR session has also continued to grow. Resolutions Vancouver offers meeting facilities specifically designed to accommodate the sensitive nature of dispute resolution. With enhanced sound proofing, state-of-the-art technology, and a comprehensive kitchen and catering space all in a central downtown location, Resolutions Vancouver is quickly becoming one of Vancouver’s foremost mediation and arbitration spaces.

 To learn more about ADR BC and their upcoming programs, go to