Does Resolutions offer video conferencing?

Yes, we have a Mondopad with GoToMeeting for video and telephone conferencing.

Is the wireless connection free?

Yes, it is free.

What office services are available at Resolutions?

Printing, photocopying and scanning are available for purchase. For pricing information please contact our Host at 604-428-3330 or

How do I book a meeting space?

To book a meeting space please contact our Host at 604-428-3330 or

Is there parking at Cathedral Place?

Yes. There are four levels of Underground Pay-By-Phone Parking.

What forms of payment does Resolutions accept?

Payment can be made through PayPal.

Who do I contact about catering?

Our Host will be happy to assist you in selecting and arranging your catering. Please contact our host at 604-428-3330 or

What if I do not know how to use GoToMeeting or a Mondopad?

Our Host will guide you through the technology on the day of your meeting should it be something your require.

How do I access GoToMeeting?

You will need to create your own account to be able to use GoToMeeting. For more information on how to do this please contact our host at 604-428-3330 or